Our Portfolio


Having a unique motto of aiming at vehicle usership rather than vehicle ownership, Swytchd aims to accelerate the use of Electric vehicles across the globe. The experienced & talented visionaries at Swytchd are associated in working towards a great initiative in the automotive industry.


Electric Vehicle

Beej realizes the potential in the advancing sector of electric vehicles in the automobile industry & aims to empower them financially.


Chai waale has an extensive range of flavored tea along with snacking various delicacies on their making them one of the best upcoming & emerging cafe hangout spots of Chennai. The unique collaboration of the cafe as a fine dining experience gives Chai waale great potential to sustain & expand while having a global footprint.


Food Sector

Cafes are a growing trend in today’s restaurant industry. Beej has therefore engaged in financing emerging cafe startups.


Taxida is a smart initiative engaged in connecting its consumers & businesses with various taxi service providers using resources such as zero-emission vehicles & Robo taxis. With an easy booking process, transparent pricing & easy cancellations, Taxida is all set to be a leading enterprise in the transport mobility industry.


Transport Mobility

In today's fast-paced world, various commuting options are used, expanding the transport sector. With a coherent foresight, Beej invests in this sector.


At Rupid we want every working person to have complete financial freedom by giving them earned wage access. Earned wage access means the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages that are not paid. We want to transform people's lives and the organizations they work for.


Finance Sector

Finance is the driving force of today’s economy. It is rapidly expanding with a great scope of growth & thereby Beej meticulously invests in this sector.


Crib is the “super co-living app” that aims to redefine housing experiences. They are engaged in digitalizing the communications & transactions at rental housing. Crib helps the landlords to automate business operations, the tenants to expedite communications and the market to discover properties & expansion of the same.


Hospitality Sector

Hospitality sector has a broad category of services that are covered under it. Accommodation is one of the rapidly advancing fields in the hospitality sector.


Mr Med is the largest online pharmacy in India for super-specialty drugs with a goal of becoming a technology-enabled, patient-centric company. By offering a number of patient-centric services, such as patient support programme enrollment and adherence, MrMed goes above and beyond what is expected of a pharmaceutical marketplace.


Health Sector

All companies engaged in the provision of medical related goods and services are considered to be part of the healthcare sector and Beej invests in this industry taking into account all potential outcomes.


JINGLS is one of the emerging e-commerce websites of today. They are engaged in the sale of a variety of gadgets and appliances along with selling personal care commodities. JingleBid is an e-commerce marketplace for over thousands of products with best prices, free delivery options and also enables easy returns & guarantees the quality products.


E-Commerce Sector

The Indian e-commerce market has experienced steady expansion. The booming demand from emerging market economies is driving the e-commerce sector's rapid expansion.


Le Pension Stays operates through a value system of providing a comfortable, economical and personalized stay in the traveller’s hot spot of the country. The chain of Boutique Hotels, BnBs, and Villas on a long-term lease, Launched in 2015 and has hosted 45,000+ guests from 50 different countries in various locations like Udaipur, Jaipur, Daman, Goa, Manali, Mussoorie & more. Le Pension is an asset-light scalable model which sets it apart from the pre-existing businesses.


Prop Tech Sector

Proptech innovation has grown significantly in the last handful of years, it’s predicted to grow on a rate of 18% year on year.


Barbera provides the most easy-to-use all-in-one solution software to enhance customer experience and retention for salons. The user-friendly approach requires no special expertise to use and simplifies the job to deliver the best possible CRM services. Barbera offers scalable customization options that fit a salon's unique and day-to-day tasks with easy-to-use settings that streamline operations.


The SAAS Sector

SaaS solutions are among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry for a variety of reasons, including scalability, flexibility and affordability.


DusMinute is India's first hyperlocal managed living platform which brings all the amenities and requirements of residents to their doorstep, making deliveries quicker, smoother and personal. With stores located within the community complexes offering retail items and a mobile app for delivery and all other home & personal services, they redefine modern urban living by providing hotel-like convenience at home.


Quick Commerce Sector

India’s quick commerce industry is predicted to increase 15 times through 2025, hitting an addressable market of approximately $5.5 billion.


On a mission to make the world a safer place, SignalX simplifies third-party risk management and credibility assessment for businesses. Thereby helping businesses minimize risk, reduce fraud and be compliant. They are constantly applying AI in the GRC, Forensics and ESG compliance market to become India's most preferred Risk platform.


The SAAS Sector

SaaS solutions are among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry for a variety of reasons, including scalability, flexibility and affordability.


The Urban Forest Company strives to maintain the balance between the natural and the man-made. This unique approach sets them apart from traditional construction outfits. The process is holistic, making for results that are aesthetic, tasteful and of course, sustainable.


Commercial Landscaping

The commercial landscaping industry transforms business properties with services like lawn care, hardscaping, and plant installations, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


Asia's largest curated marketplace for everything that is pure, safe and sustainable! This Eco-friendly e-commerce stands out from the rest with its vision to change the world with their eco-friendly range of products.


Sustainable E-commerce

The sustainable e-commerce sector is rapidly growing, driven by increasing consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly products, fostering a sustainable future.


Mindra Green is a leading innovator & manufacturer of high-end power electronic products. Established in 2017, Mindra is having 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and an extensive testing setup.


EV Tech

The EV tech sector is experiencing exponential growth, propelled by advancements in battery technology and environmental concerns, as it revolutionizes the automotive industry towards sustainability.


Online audio storytelling platform with live drama effects focusing on original content in predominantly regional languages, serving a huge gap in the podcast and storytelling industry for rural and sub-urban India.


Audio Streaming

The audio streaming platform industry delivers a diverse range of audio content, from music to podcasts, to global audiences, with exponential growth driven by digital technology and user demand.


Twyn is an enterprise SaaS platform enabling digital and immersive transformation of factories, by building an Industrial Metaverse using live & immersive twins.



SaaS solutions are among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry for a variety of reasons, including scalability, flexibility and affordability.


India's first wearable EEG headband sensing brainwave patterns and monitoring the biometrics to improve lifestyle.



The neurotech industry is rapidly expanding, harnessing cutting-edge neuroscience and technology to develop innovations that enhance brain health, cognition, and medical treatments, offering exciting prospects for the future.